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Blue Clay is a video production company operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Albury/Wodonga and wider regions. Blue Clay Productions helps businesses build an online presence and get noticed. From concept to delivery. We look after every element of production to make the process easier and more cost effective. More than merely corporate and creative video producers… At Blue Clay Productions, we don’t just make videos, we build strategies.
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Guardians of Style Canberra Centre Promotion

The Canberra Centre went live with their unique Autumn Winter range through a number of 'public pop-ups', using real-life mannequins. Their aim was to create a stir as get people asking, "Who are these Guardians of Style?" ...

The Solar Vision

One of the most exciting projects we have worked on in recent months is a 3D modelling project for Solar Professionals. Tasked with creating a TV commercial that would impress, our 3D modelling expert Matt, was in his element.

The Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory

As part of our Regional Business Unearthed project, we spoke with owner of the The Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory, Neil Druce about agri-tourism.

Cotton Australia - The Australian Cotton Story

This film tells the story of Australian cotton which is regarded as some of the finest in the world. Commissioned by Cotton Australia, this video has been used in schools across the country.

Kiteboarding RMS

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and like all extreme sports, injuries can and will happen, particularly when people don't know the rules. This short video runs through the C.L.E.A.R safety rules whilst also reminding people why this sport is so aweso ...

The Southern Cotton Story

Located in the Murrumbidgee Valley, the award-winning Southern Cotton is one of Australia's newest ginning facilities.

Blue Clay Showreel 2015

Sportsman Warehouse TVC

Follow Josh's story - an aspiring footballer in Canberra. This commercial for sports retailer, Sportsmans Warehouse, follows the story of 18yr-old footballer, Josh from Canberra.

Inspire. Inform. Influence


  • BLUE CLAY is a video production and marketing agency operating in Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Sydney, Wollongong and wider regions. We are expert storytellers. We uncover unique stories and develop compelling content and strategies, fitting our clients’ marketing needs and budget.

    From concept to delivery, we look after every element of production to make the process easier and more cost effective. More than merely corporate and creative video producers… At Blue Clay Creative, we don’t just make videos, we build strategies.

  • ONE of the first questions we are asked is, ‘how did you come up with the name, Blue Clay Creatives?’ Well, we were inspired by a bit of Australian history.

    In Belgium during World War One, the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company dug passageways in order to lay mines and aid the advance of British troops. To solve the problem of wet soil, the tunnels were made in the layer of "blue clay” which was 25-30 metres below the soggy upper-level soil. .

    Hill 60 became a site of a number of desperate battles. It now contains a number of memorials and wartime ruins. They also made an Australian film based on the stories from the trenches, Beneath Hill 60. .

    But beyond that, the name is perfect to reflect the work we do. Our corporate side is represented by the ‘blue’ and our creative side by the word 'clay' as you can mould anything from clay!

  • I have over eleven years journalism experience, working across the globe as a reporter and film producer for Channel Seven, BBC and ITN – but I moved on to a life far more thrilling….

    Some people can’t understand my decision. Why leave a job with a major broadcaster and a career as an on-screen journalist? Why leave the glitz and glamour, the hair and makeup and gorgeous wardrobe selection? Why? Because I had more to offer…

    Leaving the world of journalism was actually an easy decision. After two years working for the BBC and other agencies, I realised that the volatility and ego of a newsroom just wasn’t for me anymore… but telling stories? I could never give up that…

    Unearthing, chasing and creating – that’s what I do best. Working in a newsroom means I know how to deal with ridiculous deadlines, ridiculous people (both in and out of the office!) and at the end of the day, mould something that was engaging and moved people.

    Upon returning to Sydney in 2010, I started my dream, Blue Clay Productions. Over the past 4 years it has evolved. Our team has grown, our expertise has grown, as has our dream and geographical reach.

    I opened the Riverina branch in March 2012 where we still operate and work with some of the country’s best agri-businesses. I've since moved Canberra where I have opened our second regional office.

    Beyond creative storytelling, my passion also extends into sharing knowledge of health and how this can be instrumental in creating a healthy business. Hence, Mind Body Business was born in 2014. This 2-day event is one of the most challenging projects I have ever worked on. Want to know what you are made of? Create an event for 500 people from the ground up! Check out more at

  • OUR MISSION To us at Blue Clay, a client with a firm grasp of progress is a client that is fully satisfied with the final product.

      • To merge worlds of ideas and communities through powerful, innovative and accessible media
          • To offer superior service and production quality for all budgets
              • To truly listen and identify our clients needs and desired outcomes
                  • Deliver on time, every time


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