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There can be many limitations to running a business in regional Australia. Outside of the usual entrepreneurial woes of time, money and resources, it can be hard to find trusted local professionals who really understand you and can meet your expectations. So you dabble in creating your own social media content, a logo or website.

But have you ever stopped to consider how much time you spend doing tasks in your business you don’t enjoy or aren’t great at? Deep in your heart you know it’s a false economy. You have a great product and business but you know you have to step it up. You see where you want to be, but how to get there doesn’t seem so simple.

Or is it?

There are some key simple ingredients that go into great marketing and our solutions have been created by people just like you – passionate regional business owners and producers, who get who you are, what you do and how much you care.

Sam Penny
Laticia Gibson

Founded by Sam Penny, founder of Cheese Therapy + Artisans Bend and Laticia Gibson, founder of Blue Clay Creatives + HOLGRO, the duo has teamed up to create a stir in the marketing world and provide fast and easy and cost-effective solutions.

These Simple Ingredients marketing options provide a range of marketing services created specifically for the regional market. We have removed the b.s and stirred in a whole lot of common sense and realness – all paired with an awesome, results-focussed and creative team!

Through decades of on-the-ground experience and real-life success, we have found the secret recipe to getting brands noticed without a hefty price tag. We have combined our knowledge and expertise to create simplified processes which means you save money and a whole lot of heartache trying to figure it all out yourself.

No matter where you are in your business journey, we tailor your support and match you with the most knowledgeable and passionate team to suit you.


Sam is the creator of Artisans Bend, a marketplace for artisan producers, as well as Cheese Therapy, Australia’s largest artisan cheese retailer. Artisans Bend facilitates the coming together of small producers and consumers to enact direct trade, cutting out the traditional retailer model. Cheese Therapy directly supports small artisan cheesemakers across Australia.

A modern-day explorer, he loves epic adventures. Recently, Sam was the first person in the world to attempt to swim the English Channel in winter. Naturally, that ended with hyperthermia and a greater determination to see if this feat is possible.


Laticia has spent more than two thirds of her life living and working in regional Australia. Specialising in content strategies and holistic growth through wellness, Laticia has over 20 years’ experience in communications and business.

As a former journalist, she’s been touched by many unique stories. Having worked for a range of national and international news outlets, including the BBC, Fairfax and The Seven Network, she’s driven to share powerful stories which deliver a significant positive impact. Her work motto is simple: Messages with heart. Brands with purpose. People doing good in the world.

This is a common misconception many people fall prey to – and not just the budding entrepreneurs and boot-strapping startup founders.

Many business people who haven’t realised the benefits of outsourcing – or consequences of not outsourcing – still try to ‘do it all.’

You know that saying, 80 percent of your income comes from 20 percent of the work you do? Well, it’s true for the majority of businesses who haven’t assessed their workflow consciously.

Many businesses are built from a great idea, and when it’s a good idea, it really gains traction. Business owners get started and at first, enjoy the rush of being in control of all the aspects, the marketing, the social media, building their lists and making a difference in the world. Oftentimes, the business takes on a life of its own (the Government doesn’t call it an ‘entity for nothing!).

It’s often at this point that people begin to feel overwhelmed not knowing which way to turn.
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Get the foundations right with content, strategy and education!
Whether it’s creating social media content, sharpening their brand, creating an e-commerce website or telling their unique story, many producers don’t know where to start with their marketing.
That is when we add Simple Ingredients…
We have a range of services and packages available, including great options for start-ups!
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Regional Australia is home to some of the most inspiring food producers and agri-businesses in the world. And you are a part of that. Don’t let your lack the ability or know-how in marketing set you back. Hand it over to people who know your trade and want to see you succeed.

It’s time to catapult your business to the next level.

Let’s get started!


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