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Public Relations

WHY Public Relations?

Have you given public relations (PR) a chance? Or do you shy away because you think it’s just about publicity?

Do you understand the full range of benefits public relations can provide for your business?

If given a chance, it can have a positive impact on your company! It can strengthen and maintain a favourable brand reputation. It can increase your online presence, while promoting your brand’s values. Public relations can also build and reinforce your community and stakeholder relationships and allow new connections.

public relations can increase your online presence,

while promoting your brand’s values.

Communication Strategy

Understanding the best way to communicate with your target market is crucial in any business.

Understanding where and how they are consuming their information is the next important step to ensure results.  

When you know how to reach your audience, your awareness increases, and your efforts can be maximized.  

Using our unique five-step process we will help you clearly articulate your unique message, define your target audience and decide which online platforms are best for you.  

Copy and Content

Copywriting has a major role to play in your public relations activities.

Effective writing is all about understanding what makes your target market tick, placing them as the hero, and revealing your business as their guide to help them feel safe and connected.

Everything we write is informed by strategy and focused on return on investment – we repurpose your content, so you get the best value for money. From brochures and social media to blogs and newsletters – we have your brand covered! Get in touch to find out how one of our copywriters or content writers can help. 


Events are a great way to showcase your brand, service or product.

It can strengthen relationships with clients and help build new ones. It can leave people with a lasting impression of you and your company – that’s why we want to make sure it’s a success.  

From booking the perfect venue and catering, to organising your guest list and promoting and selling tickets – we can do it all. Let us help you build your brand’s credibility by designing and implementing your next event for your business! 

Stakeholder Engagement

Creating partnerships is imperative to campaign success.

Identifying the narrative and relationships with existing and new stakeholders can drive mutually beneficial outcomes. Blue Clay’s team is focused on introducing, driving and managing those conversations. 

Are you doing all you can to reach new stakeholders and preserve relationships with the ones you already have on board? We will create a plan to increase engagement and nurture pre-existing partnerships.  

creating partnerships is imperative

to campaign success.

at blue clay, we want your company’s voice to be heard and projected to the world.

Let us help spread your message!

Press Releases

Press releases are an easy, yet effective way, to share information regarding your company to different media outlets.

They help create awareness while allowing you to control the angle of the story.

Knowing how to craft an effective press release and develop the angle to gain interest from the media is key. This type of earned media can benefit your company extensively through additional promotion and marketing.

At Blue Clay, we want your company’s voice to be heard and projected to the world. Let us help spread your message!


Did you know daily, in Australia, that 1 in 2 people use Facebook, 1 in 2 use YouTube and 1 in 3 use Instagram?

Your followers are craving genuine connection through high quality, authentic, story-driven content. We get it – running a business is a LOT of work! That’s why we offer full-service social media management services. By handing the hard work over to us – Blue Clay can strengthen your brand, foster positive relationships, as well as expand and engage with your audience.

Get in touch to discuss how our social media management service could get more sales for your business.

Internal Communications (intranet, newsletters, events)

If you’re spending money and time to keep your consumers well-informed and excited about your brand, why not do the same for your team?

Your employees are the ones representing your brand and company’s values; it’s important they feel appreciated and heard. If utilised correctly, internal communications will help motivate and inform employees, while keeping them engaged.

We can help create your company’s intranet, write and deliver staff newsletters, as well as plan events for your team.

At the end of the day, the wellbeing and connectivity of your team has the power to affect the success of your company. Let our team, help yours be better connected and in-touch with one another!