15626248_263186280763151_2625837745154554306_o (1)Have training needs? We offer the following options:

  • Media training
  • Voice Coaching
  • Training videos
  • School Holiday Workshops
  • BCP In-house video training 


We offer short courses and workshops to help you grasp the basics of video production to take back to your workplace.

By the end of one of our extensive workshops you will have learned basic skills in planning, scripting, shooting, editing and publishing your own video content on the web. The overall aim is to give participants the ability to create video content a standard of quality that will be strong enough to represent your brand.

Ask us how we can tailor a video production training program that best suits your need.


14608874_224093294672450_1689644288665732631_o (1)MEDIA TRAINING with Laticia Gibson


Engaging efficiently with the media is a critical aspect of how you are perceived by competitors, customers and the general public.

Understanding how to respond to difficult questions and unsettling interview techniques will make a big difference to public awareness, brand association, even the bottom line.

Our training program operates in three stages:

Preparation: We unpack, analyse and test actual and potential problems.
Workshop: We explore effective media engagement and common pitfalls of the unsuspecting.
Playback Technique: Each time you present, we film you and play it back. This is the most efficient means of monitoring and improving presentation skills.


Challenge: You make three or four major presentations each year, but do you walk away from each of them with the sense that you could have done just a bit better?
Solution: Work with Australia’s leading presentation coach to build sparkling, coherent content and employ your voice, body and personality to deliver your story in a compelling manner.
Content: Words have the power to surprise, delight and provoke and they are happening in the moment and between people. Learn to develop a sturdy “content platform,