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Meet the Blue Clay Team

Blue Clay is a team of intuitive creatives who specialise in health & wellness, regional growth and sustainable eco business.

Originally a video production service, we’ve done a lot of growing over the years to become an integrated digital marketing agency, serving clients from Canberra, the Riverina and the Sunshine Coast.

As a full-service creative agency, our job is to tell your unique story across a number of digital platforms, and build an excited community around your mission.

In other words, our ‘why’ is yours. 

laticia gibson

CEO & Founder

After years working as a journalist in Australia and the UK, Laticia decided it was time to move away from the news industry and start telling stories her own way.

Laticia founded Blue Clay Productions Pty Ltd in 2010 with the desire to share her knowledge and experience with companies and individuals, by creating powerful media and marketing strategies.

As a new mum, she’s obsessed with her little man who has hugely influenced her business practices.

jon shirley graphic designer

Head Graphic Designer

Jon Shirley is Blue Clay’s Head Graphic Designer, and with over 10 year’s experience in business and design, he never fails to impress clients.

That’s because takes the time to understand their needs and help them to identify their purpose, realise their vision, and achieve their business goals.

Web & Graphic Designer

Hailing from the UK, Phil has experience in multiple aspects of business which gives him a unique perspective on design. He’s customer focused and has dedicated himself to keeping on top of the trends of the tech and design worlds in order to offer creations that are effective in their given purpose.

Phil has always had a thirst for knowledge and spends his free time learning, traveling and pursuing the finer things in life.

Yenny STromgren

Social Media Manager

Originally from Sweden, Yenny moved to Australia to study photography in 2000. After working as a commercial and corporate photographer in Melbourne, she decided to move to Noosa in 2010. The change in location was swiftly followed by a change in career and Yenny ran her own homeware company before creating and producing two podcasts about self-care and business.

In 2019, she started to work with Blue Clay, where she creates systems, manages social media and much more.

Web & Graphic Designer

Rachel grew up in the UK studying different areas of art, design and photography following her interest in creativity and expression.

In pursuit of personal growth and adventure, she set out to travel the world with her partner in 2016 and focussed on training in digital marketing, web and graphic design to be free to live anywhere while continuing to create, learn and develop new skills and passions.

Partnerships Officer

Coming from a small regional town herself, Shelene is passionate about Blue Clay’s focus on regional development, health, wellbeing, sustainability and improving the world.

Shelene is currently studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in entrepreneurship, whilst carrying out her internship with the team at Blue Clay. Her many skills set in content creation, design, social media and photography are an asset to our business and clients.