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Meet the Blue Clay Team

Blue Clay is a team of intuitive creatives who specialise in health & wellness, regional growth and sustainable eco business.

Originally a video production service, we’ve done a lot of growing over the years to become an integrated digital marketing agency, serving clients from Canberra, the Riverina and the Sunshine Coast.

As a full-service creative agency, our job is to tell your unique story across a number of digital platforms, and build an excited community around your mission.

In other words, our ‘why’ is yours. 

laticia gibson blue clay

Managing Director

After years working as a journalist in Australia and the UK, Laticia decided it was time to move away from the news industry and start telling stories her own way.

As a new mum, she’s obsessed with her little man who has hugely influenced her business practices.

jon shirley graphic designer

Senior Graphic Designer

Jon Shirley is Blue Clay’s Senior Graphic Designer, and with over 10 year’s experience in business and design, he never fails to impress clients.

That’s because takes the time to understand their needs and help them to identify their purpose, realise their vision, and achieve their business goals.

Brooke Prendergast Content Creator

Content Creator

With a background in classical music and performing arts, Brooke thrives in a creative environment. She has long held the belief that aligning our actions with our deepest, core values, is essential for basic human happiness and wellbeing.

Brooke’s mission is to tell their stories, help them thrive, and create global communities around positive change.

libby rivmedia web design

Web Designer

A self confessed super-nerd, Libby is committed to building websites that work for her clients. Her designs are created to encourage a positive user experience, develop trust in your brand and convert visitors into customers.

She is committed to creating websites that not only you will love, but that your customers will love too!

phil graphic design

Graphic Design

Hailing from the UK, Phil has experience in multiple aspects of business which gives him a unique perspective on design. He’s customer focused and has dedicated himself to keeping on top of the trends of the tech and design worlds in order to offer creations that are effective in their given purpose.

Phil has always had a thirst for knowledge and spends his free time learning, traveling and pursuing the finer things in life.

Tori Photography Creative

Photography Creative

Tori, and her professional philosophy is that, ‘photography is not about taking an image – it’s about making one.’

Inspired by the likes of Francesca Woodman, David Lachapelle, Bottle Bell Photography, Daniel Lee, and Sivan Askayo, Tori is a lover of the Avant-Garde, the unusual and unseen. Her work has been exhibited in multiple art showcases across Australia and was awarded 1st place for portraiture in the Art Division of the RNCAS Canberra Show.