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Irrigators Supporting River Life. This month we have the honour of launching Sustainable Stories.  An initiative by National Irrigators’ Council to share the positive stories of the irrigators who are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment while growing our food and fibre.It’s about Irrigators Supporting

Is there enough work in the country? This month we’re focusing on regional business. For nearly 8 years, I have run blue clay out of the Riverina, expanding to Canberra and more recently, the Sunshine Coast. Despite this, my friends STILL ask me, ‘Is there enough

In August last year, we were asked by Rachel Christmas from Temora Medical Complex and Craig Sinclair from the local council, ‘can you make us a video, so we can attract more doctors to our town?Our answer? “Of course! But how are you going to

For over five years, Blue Clay has been creating TV commercials and branded videos for Solar Professionals – a leading commercial solar company based in Wagga Wagga, and are leaders in the design, construction and project management of solar PV applications across Australia. Recently, Solar