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The Blue Clay Story

The Blue Clay Story

About Us

We’re an ROI-focused, full-service creative agency with a passion for regional business, health & wellbeing, sustainable and renewable practices – and all things that make this world a better place, really!

While we operate mainly in Canberra, the Riverina and Sunshine Coast, our clients are based all over Australia.

So what’s our point of difference?

We understand how hard you work, and how difficult it is to be heard above the noise and show ponies. Maybe you struggle trusting marketing agencies? Or think it’s a waste of money?

We get it. That’s why we take the time to get to know you. To partner with you. To share our knowledge and guide you. Leaving you the time to do what you do best.

A labyrinth is a meandering path, corresponding to a very old rhythmic structure or pattern. Walking a labyrinth helps us focus and unearth new insights, but also find rest and enjoyment. The way out means following the same path in reverse – emerging feeling energised and ready for action.

We created a bespoke five-circuit labyrinth to represent the journey we walk with clients. Our proven 5-step process helps deep-dive and uncover the real needs of our clients.

The integration of the ‘b’ character into the lines that form the pathway into the centre of the labyrinth. The 5 circuits represent the 5 steps of the process.

and the logo

The Labyrinth's Power...

blue clay logo
What's in a name?

The Blue Clay Story

We were inspired while watching ‘Beneath Hill 60′.
In Belgium during WWI, the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company dug passageways to lay mines and aid the advance of British troops. These were made in the layer of “blue clay” – 25-30 metres below the soggy, upper-level soil. The tunnellers emerged looking like Smurfs!

And so our name emerged…

We believe it is perfect to reflect the work we do. Blue represents our corporate side, while our creativity is represented by the endless creative power of clay!

“Through its twists and turns, its ancient spaciousness holds everything we experience… When we walk the path inward, we carry our burdens with us… When we walk the path outward, we are lighter, more joyful, and ready again to take on our life’s challenges.”
Abstract from Prisoners of our Thoughts, Viktor Frankl.

using symbolism in your branding

Symbols can move or inspire.

They can be simple, yet layered with complexity.

Symbols can speak to our unconscious mind and stirring us to a deep level of intuitive wisdom.

To understand symbols is to obtain a profound insight into what it means to be human.

Our 5 Step Process

Blue Clay has a proven 5-step process to help deep-dive and uncover the real needs of clients. Every step is a partnership. No-one knows your business like you, we just have the tools to help get your message to the right people.

blue clay 5 step process

The BlueClay Team

Blue Clay is a team of intuitive creatives who specialise in health & wellness, regional growth and sustainable eco business.

Originally a video production service, we’ve done a lot of growing over the years to become an integrated digital marketing agency, serving clients from Canberra, the Riverina and the Sunshine Coast.

As a full-service creative agency, our job is to tell your unique story across a number of digital platforms, and build an excited community around your mission.

In other words, our ‘why’ is yours.