“We don’t just create videos, we build strategies…”

Our name inspiration

One of the first questions we are asked is, ‘what is blue clay?’ It is a term that is used to describe a range of clay, from the type in some backyards to a beauty product that can wash away impurities. But for us… the name has historical value.

In Belgium during World War One, the 1st Australian Tunneling Company dug tunnels in order to lay mines and aid the advance of British troops. To solve the problem of wet soil, the tunnels were made in the layer of “blue clay” 25-30 metres below the soggy upper-level soil.

Hill 60 became a site of a number of desperate battles. It now contains a number of memorials and wartime ruins.

‘Clay’ also represents our creative side – we can mould anything from it!

Media is a powerful tool both in business and in our personal lives. 
Blue Clay Productions utilises that power to deliver quality products and services, producing outstanding results.

The company was founded on the principles of truly listening and identifying clients’ needs and desired outcomes. To us at Blue Clay, a client with a firm grasp of progress is a client that is fully satisfied with the final product.


Our Mission

• To merge worlds of ideas and communities through powerful,
innovative and accessible media.

• To offer superior service and production quality for all budgets.

• To truly listen and identify our clients needs and desired outcomes.

• Deliver on time, every time.