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13 week leadership course

Productivity & overwhelm fixes: simple steps to turn your business around

Overwhelm seems to be worn like a badge of honour these days… it shouldn’t… because it’s not.

Being a business leader and entrepreneur isn’t about how hard you can hustle for the most amount of hours per day. It isn’t about putting work first and family, rest and health last.

It’s not about turning yourself inside out, desperately hoping that all the sacrifices you’re making will one day pay off. 

 It’s about balance and connection and doing things that make an impact. That means being accountable for your choices and actions in EVERY part of your life. And that means so self-tough-love. It means getting down and dirty with reality, your patterns of behaviour and claiming 100% responsibility for everything in your life and business.


1. learn the art of being alone

If you want others to follow you as a leader, you need to learn to be alone with your thoughts. This art has been lost in many aspects of society.

You see, teams are composed of individuals collectively contributing to team success. To work with others, we must be able to work with ourselves without conflict. To do that, we first must know how to identify the root cause of the conflict and its effects. Right down to the individual level. Not any other individual. You.


2. stop being a lazy blamer

There is a history of laziness and blaming that destroys community and any chance of successful collaboration. And you know what? We are all to blame. We have ALL done it. We have all blamed circumstances. We blame not having enough support, not enough money, not enough time… but you know what? They are just excuses…


3. unlearn collaboration

You see, we need to unlearn what collaboration means. We need to STOP how we are doing it and start making different choices.


4. think alone together… blue clay’s solution

We are now opening up places within blue clay’s online supported incubator of top-level thinkers and leaders to think alone, together.

Sounds wacky? Let us explain our journey around the labyrinth:

Blue Clay’s company logo is a labyrinth. A labyrinth is a path. It has one way in, and one way out. It is NOT a maze where you have to think about which turn to take. It is a journey that provides the opportunity for space and thinking. Traditionally it was used for prayer and meditation. It is alone time to gather your thoughts and breathe.

When you get to the middle, you pause. You reflect on your journey in, and you don’t start your journey out until you have the strength and clarity.

The journey out is where the answers come. The way out unfolds, and it is clear.



Blue Clay has created a 13-week program of like-minded passionate leaders to walk the labyrinth. To be alone together. Your journey will be supported by a team of mindset professionals, senior marketing executives, stakeholder engagement professionals and business development teams. This is about going back a step so we can have space to review and reflect.


On the way into the labyrinth we will learn the above steps PLUS…
  1. Conduct a root cause analysis at an individual level
  2. Identify needs & values  – review your current marketing and organisational blocks
  3. Review the TRUE needs of you and your audience
  4. You’re critical thinking will be supported
  5. You will be listened to and heard
  6. You will be challenged &
  7. Be held accountable – no more excuses or blaming. It’s time to get real
On the way out we will:
  1. Put one foot in front of the other – walking the journey together
  2. Explore how to build capacity and leverage around marketing and digital comms
  3. Create a NEEDS strategy
  4. Provide management and marketing tools to clearly, concisely connect
  5. Explore opportunities for further collaboration – TOGETHER. As individuals
  6. This = actionable insight
Do you want to experience real, tangible change? Then this is course is for you.

The details:

  • Starts WC Feb 3
  • 1 x 1 hour webinar per week
  • 1 x Live Q&A per week
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions
  • Access to closed FB group for sharing and support
  • PLUS! All sessions are recorded and will be available online through a private portal 



Payment plans are available!